Singapura – Bentonite Grease

SINGAPURA – Bentonite Grease is premium quality non-melting grease for use in plain and anti-friction bearings subjected to elevated temperatures. The consistency of the grease remains stable throughout a wide temperature range. Singapura MAXXPOWER Bentonite Grease is recommended for use in all industrial ball, roller and plain bearings where extremely high temperatures are coupled with heavy loads. The grease is particularly useful in applications where melting out or dripping of grease would cause damage to production or materials, and therefore is highly recommended of overhead bearings in high temperature environments.

Main Benefits

  • High degree of water resistance
  • Good pumpability characteristics
  • Good sealing properties in dusty conditions
  • Wide temperature range
Packaging Available :

500 gm

1 Kg

15 Kg

180 Kg