About Us

About Us


Garuda Lubricants & Grease is a brand established with the aim of responding to our customer requirements in an efficient dynamic and cost-effective way. In keeping with this philosophy the company shall provide consistent quality branded products and unmatched services to its customers. Our products are developed in accordance with international market requirements.

With a humble begining we recognize that one of the greatest factors of success is our culture, our people and their commitments and hard-work.

Future is very exciting; we begin the new journey with insipiration from the past and continue with a dear vision for the future, which is to strive to be on the top of the mind of every discerning consumer during the purchase of our products.This is only possible by delivering unmatched service levels, product quality and acceptance by the buyers which will cultimate in life-long loyalty for the business. The team’s motto is to provide an opportunity to everyone associated with the Garuda to discover their personal strength & ambitions that supports what we deliver everyday.

The brand is committed to total quality management from design to production, distribution and customer support Our belief in quality, professionalism, service and efficiency dictates that you are always satisfied with our distinctive value through modern and well-managed facilities. Ensuring the highest standards in quality, the products are blended in certified ISO 9000:2008 production unit.
We have developed a comprehensive range of products that have evolved from anticipating and exceeding the needs of the lubricants, greases and specialities. Our lubricants can be used by various industries and shall ensure smooth functioning of the automotive engines as well as industrial machines. Innovative & distincts product development will be at the farefront of our future lubrication technology.


Dear Customer,
Garuda Lubricants & Batteries has continued to implementing strategy to Go beyond the ordinary. We at Garuda offer some of the world’s best products with best-in-class after sales care to ensure that customers enjoy a great an enterprise built over years of Hard work by touching people’s lives every day, with the greatest assets being customer loyalty spanning across with a dedicated & responsive workd force. The assured consistency of our product quality & steady investment in technology & R&D has won us the confidence of our customers.

We also recoginze that co-operation and appreciation of our customers is vital to our growth and progress. To these ends, our future efforts will continue to be dedicated.
We are always at the service of our customers.

Best Regards,
Vijay Kumar Kedia