Garuda – Moly Grease

GARUDA – MOLY GREASE is premium quality multi-purpose grease for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load conditions. The incorporation of Molybdenum disulphide imparts a high degree of wear protection against load, shock loading and dusty environments. Used extensively for applications throughout industry and the automotive sector, Garuda Maxx Power Moly Grease is specially formulated for use in industrial equipment, cars, vans, trucks and construction plant such as bulldozers, scrapers, loading shovels and dump trucks where it will give superior performance in all industrial plain and rolling elements bearings.
Main Benefits

  • Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
  • High degree of corrosion protection
  • Highly versatile multi-purpose grease
Packaging Available :

500 gm

1 Kg

15 Kg

180 Kg