Singapura – Soluble Cutting Oil

SINGAPURA – SOLUBLE CUTTING OIL is a tacky extreme pressure and anti-corrosion water based lubricant containing superior rust inhibitors designed to protect galvanized, steel, aluminium, brass, copper and other alloys. It extends tool life, improves surface finish and reduces heat build-up.

Main Benefits

  • Extended tool life due to reduced wear and friction between tool and work piece
  • Prevents corrosion of both ferrous and non-ferrous machined metal parts
  • When used as a grinding coolant, emulsion will contribute to long wheel life, accurate tolerance and superior finish
Packaging Available :

200 Litre


Characteristics Characteristics Typical Value
Sp. Gravity@ 15°C Sp. Gravity@ 15°C 0.88
Viscosity [email protected]°C Viscosity [email protected]°C 41.7
Viscosity [email protected]°C Viscosity [email protected]°C 6.8
Emulsion Text Emulsion Text Stable Milky
Pour Point °C Pour Point °C 134
Corrosion Test Corrosion Test Pass