Garuda – CF/SF

GARUDA – CF/SF is a high quality diesel engine oil designed to use in naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel engines . It is formulated using high quality base oils with detergent, dispersant, anti-wear, anti- corrosion and anti-foam additives to give the benefit of neutralizing acidic byproducts of combustion. Can be used under normal conditions for mixed fleet of diesel and gasoline engines and is suitable under severe service condition in truck and buses. It is used in both two – cycle and four-cycle engines, extending life between overhaul in high speed/load, pickup delivery operation.

Main Benefits

  • High oxidation and thermal stability
  • Highly developed detergent additive technology provides controlled piston ring and cylinder deposits
  • Keeps engine clean
  • Longer drain interval
  • Extended engine life
Packaging Available :

200 Litre

12 X 1L

4 X 4L

4X 5L