Singapura – Antifreeze Coolant

SINGAPURA-ANTIFREEZE COOLANT has unique blend of anti-corrosion inhibitors and ethylene glycol designed to provide superior corrosion protection and anti-freeze/ anti-boil protection for all types of petrol, diesel and gas engines in light commercial and passenger vehicles, heavy duty commercial, industrial, on highway, marine, mining and stationary applications. Meets the performance and specification requirements of all major engine manufacturers for passenger, trucks and machinery applications.

Main Benefits

  • Provides maximum anti-freeze / anti-boil protection
  • Minimal disposal volume of spent coolant required
  • Maximises protection of all metals commonly found in the engine cooling system
  • Maximises fuel economy by keeping the engine at the optimum operating temperature
  • Protects against scale, rust and residue buil up
Packaging Available :

200 Litre