Garuda – CG4/SJ

GARUDA – CG4/SJ has been formulated to lubricants turbo-charged and normally aspirated diesel’s operating under severe stress conditions in both on and off highway situations. The lubricants are manufactured with highly refined base stock and selective additive package providing good protection against oil thickening, high temperature, sludge build up, oil degradation and corrosion in mixed fleet operation. Provides a high level of protection against wear, sludge formation and acid corrosion and assist in maintaining engine cleanliness and extending the life of all moving parts subject to wear.

Main Benefits

  • Helps extend engine life
  • Minimizes piston and combustion chamber deposits
  • Contains anti-corrosion agents
  • East start I cold weather
  • Reduce oil consumption due to high temperature performance
Packaging Available :

200 Litre

12 X 1L

4 X 4L

4X 5L